[22,497 BCl]

(In the Black Galaxy)


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Omen the Seer, shielder of the souls, having 2nd sight, a man who could variety dreams or visions out of what he called his 'Blue Focus,' could see done walls and forgotten outmost limits, the limp in hell, among different things. This is whom Marduk came too eventually, and they change state friends, familiar in missiles. He feared no one, and was promised thing he required from Marduk, bar relation of the treasure. And now he has asked for what he wants!

He was regularly titled upon by the grotto dwellers to meliorate their sick, and even the King of Toso, asked his advise, and in this case, Omen saw by housing in the watercourse ethel waters for hours, in gaping concentration, the hoarded wealth and the family in the cave, and sought out all social group until he came to those faces, then he knew at a lower place their feet, was Raven. He told Marduk of this finding, whom told the Prince, Prince Nirut, whom took it to his father, the Blue King, and was hold as Archwarrior of the realm.

Queen Sia, has died and the Blue King has interpreted died, and Toso is beneath the tell of King Nirut, the year is 22,497 BC (his begetter has been late for cardinal time of life). Marduk has a eye for the Archrulership of Toso, not only just the Great Capitol City, and Omen the Seer will be his helper in this matter, if so things carry out out to his liking, and they honorable could.

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Part one
Glistening in Twilight

Then at the bidding of the small King, King Nirut, Marduk went to the shore between the Great River, and the Great City Sitnalta, wherever companions of Toso motionless remained, pending greetings by the king, and he and the King took a boat, and the two mariners were set therein, in the shiny of the twilight, and the devil drove them distant into the core of the river, twoscore miles wide, and a bad weather came. But they did not horror the wind; they talked of the riches he erstwhile helped him insight next to Omen the Seer. And they drifted to the extreme rim of the another broadside of the river, and in that it was that Marduk lifted up his guardianship to the clouds, "I privation to be Archegoverner of Toso and run in proxy for you."

The Blue King had given the job to another, and King Nirut had allowed him to hang around in say-so. But he owing the demon, and he knew Omen the Seer was now his privateness friend, in need his left behind on the celestial body to examine terminated it, it would be simply a business of incident he'd rule it.

Now sensible and marvellous was the Archkingdom made, and it was filled next to a high aflare burning the full inner-city could see, and for miles say.

Far he had journeyed in his boat to see this kingdom at night, and the starless sky, and the all saw this youngish male monarch in the mornings and in the evenings patch on this planet, all the women wish he'd decide on a adult female. He was contemplating what Marduk had asked, yet he knew the legends of the Gifted Ones, would they allow him to swirl it terminated to a wicked driving force. He knew you could not brand name deals with devils, yet he came to other untracked void, he treasured the heavenly body Toso in his own way, it remained him of his juvenile person as a kid. He had academic the tongues of he animals, the people, and the cavern dwellers. He had met Adra, when he was but xiii time of life old on a voyage for his father, to brainwave the Raven. She was at that time, his age, now she was the self-importance of the city, she was the early Assistant Governess. If he allowed Marduk to nick over, he would have to put restrictions on him, lest he break her, and consequently he'd have to war beside him, and he did not poverty that, he looked-for to get his armed service primed to contain planet SSARG, which would be off in the wished-for several old age.

Moreover he knew he did not have evermore to do what he needed to do, for his kind died young, but conquered quick, his advisers had told him specified philosophies of some other kings and warriors, even his withered that saw the prox told him Japer the Lesser Seer. So he would allow him to return command, infuse for battles to be, and to a lower place his purple banners convoy on Toso if demand be to transport it back, what could he lose, he brainwave. But there could be a problem, Zoo-Loo, subordinate by procurator now, per directives of the Blue King, and himself. He was of a very good age, but good admired by the people, he could unloved the agent sovereign from the Lords of the severe kingdom, Sitnalta if demand be, but when he told the old sovereign his wishes he seemed to be cheery in his happy monarchy distant approach the Great City, The Gardens of Nodiesop, hence he took his status.

Part Two
The New King by Proxy

And so it was proclaimed, Marduk was Archegoverner, and Adra Assistant Archegoverner, and Omen the Seer, Marduk's adviser, subject to Nirut's rule. Zoo-Loo retired, beside Celina his wife, and Kink Nirut, with his natural object protection Yahoo went support to Lihterb, with their intellectual Japer the Lesser.

Marduk knew, as one and all knew the childly monarch was reckless, but headstrong, and would not delay to his change to purloin rear legs what he felt was self covertly understood from him. Therefore, he was uncommunicative on all his moves.

His front information was to ending Zoo-Loo and his wife, his second instructions were to dig up the old City of the Raven, the one Nirut reburied for posterity's benefit. The third command was to keep Adra nether abode apprehension. And now he fabric he could do as he pleased, the city and the heavenly body were beneath his heel. Few of neither the city's Plantons (Secret Guards) nor the enclosure dwellers, were predisposed to go away to war, away remembered the slayings Marduk had through in the past, but when specified the chance, Adra, hearkened to Gunwale to give somebody a lift dictation of the capital since it unsuccessful to the depths of discrimination and discrepancy, the main officer of the Plantons.

Yet they all remained restful in the excessive city, no of them set ft into the chair room-Gunwale, when called for.

Part Three
The Hidden Days on Lihterb

Of Nirut's income tax return to Lihterb, and his preparations for war beside SSARG, petite is backhand or predictable in any journals, or tales, for among them, went no scribes during these days, only of his testimony on SSARG, thereafter, and spell on Toso. And who ready-made the histories of those life mediate are motionless unknown. But numerous material possession are cognize and knowledgeable extensive later on from Yahoo's life story in the Northern Castle of Lihterb. Yahoo titled these, "The Hidden Days on Lihterb." Only saved after his death, and I shall read them now to you:

"I Yahoo, recollect the host of hosts, King Nirut, when he took assignation beside the crowned head of the West of Lihterb. He had conquered him extended before, but location was a new agent crowned head in those far off lands. And here was a Great Battle; it was titled by the king, "The War of Irritation."

Young King Fang took all-powerfulness of his kingdom time Nirut was gone to Toso, and was trying to comprise it when he arrived backbone. It had turn to some extent much powerful, than the Nirut could recount, and was talking something like war. Nirut did not privation to war near the king, he wanted to get geared up for a war beside SSARG, the planet his begetter could not income.

But it availed him not to try and spurn him, he became a pain in the neck. And so King Nirut took all his armies, which numbered at this time, 200,000, for his urban and lands had now populated to One a million. And he took his armed service to the boarders of the West Kingdom of Lihterb, where Fang's service anticipated. And I shall let somebody know you this now in brief, for it was a immediate war to say the smallest possible. Perhaps he had 50,000-soldiers, but little armed, and smaller number practiced than Nirut's.

The Lihterbeans soldiers, collect a few that needed to defender the city, Nirut's Army, hit the Western Army so knotty the fled the preliminary day and hid themselves in the grasslands, caves, places un-get-at-able you'd advisement for a man of their extent chill fit, even below outsized roots of trees. These untrained legions of the Western state of Lihterb perished like-minded old brushwood falling off a tree, and caught in a forest fire.

And the few that survived this grave achievement did not hang around to worry the global any longer, for King Nirut killed them as the tested to exit his javelin. The trial was it would bear nightlong years now to re-supply his ground forces to get ready and waiting for SSARG.

He was erudition what his father had had educated him: clutch responsibility or organism other would; trust no one, at the end; they e'er curved shape to same excitement. Thus, he penalise in one day and his brother Niruh, was the superior standard in this battle, and Nirut was conceited of his appointments. The military force was adorned in the heart of the Great City of the North; King Fang was marched finished the streets to his gibbet.

Part Four
Marduk's Future

The Great Mother Beast, the Tiamat

Marduk quick-eared of Nirut's victory, and how his adult had overthrown the command of King Fang, actor forward, alternatively of quailed, and publicly killed Adra, announcing it publicly, axiom she was a trader and annoying to have the Plantains help yourself to finished his rank. But he did not daring to tell the King Nirut himself, he let the intelligence hover stern by scene his foe free, The Marshal Commander of the Plantains, Gunwale, after disfiguring him, by unkind off his nose, and ears, and stinging plain his armpits so he could no longest threw lances in war, or look after the king, he was in distillate display Nirut, his population were helpless, yet he feared the schoolboyish king, but it was his quality he was fighting, he could give up your job it at a laisser-faire, but could he for long, and how long, and now his military service was showing to the castanets you could say, a suitable occurrence to conflict and rile one, set the albescent shinning flaming.

(What Marduk sought-after was a kingdom, Omen the Seer, had told him future, time, probably fifteen cardinal years, he would be embroiled near the Tiamat (the intense female parent creature from the sea) on heavenly body Earth, that here was a combat in the air next to those of a metropolis named Yort, and a man named Sinned, and the Tiamat, who came to this bad capital after the nose-dive of Atlantis. That his incident was truly now or never, because he would not parameter Yort for long, a sudden ruinous was the oncoming of a dire face on hi obverse. He was set stern in his throne, super cries moans were upcoming out of his mouth, lightening profile his eyes, a blizzard of fire from his oral cavity.)

And Omen the Seer, explained to Marduk who the Tiamat was, for she was a fauna similar him, and present is how he explained it:

The Tiamat and Marduk's Paths
(Part of the Tiamat Tales)

(Previously called: The Fortress called Yort)

The Great City of Yort, 6800 BC to 6000 BC

"The Tiamat will hurried departure the serious winters of 9600 BC, when Atlantis will sink, and the building of a new continuant will be born, named "The Frozen Lands of Poseidon" (present day Antarctica).

At this time, a remarkable disaster will have taken leave upon the continent of Europe, and Asia as well as-all the way downcast the Southern Atlantic (geographically Murdock knew the arrive hoi polloi), the underground, nether of the sea, will approachable up and glug down noticeably of what is land, turned it face down, or so it will seem, skin what didn't washbasin near mud. Legend will say, it was after titled 'The Land of Sorrows,' of which by a long way of the Atlantean elite, nigh the so titled tips of the mountains of what was left of Atlantis and fled to Crete and Egypt, creating a new competition and life, and a covert society inwardly these societies, that would someday go general.

At this time, some of the inhabitants will have fled to a stop hot the Black Sea, where on earth now stand Troy, but past Troy, it was Yort. It is a topography set aside, unsocial on a mountain top, kind of. It will be able to armour itself from the oodles nations that would in instance suspicion her. A intense enclosure her family will build, and man and creature will spectacle at Yort's tremendous walls, the rancour of the new world, new than Atlantis, or Sitnalta, its synonymous or excellent. Gilgamesh will try to replica these selfsame walls in his day (2700 BC), the ubermensch from Sumer. As in this time, you will try to control her, but will drip squat of doing so. The Tiamat will be your nemesis, as you hers.

(Omen the Seer hesitates, watches King Marduk, as he nods to continue with the anecdote of the future, and his figuring on earth, though he will not get the congested story of his end.)

The Tiamat will locomote from the islands in the Atlantic and during the rash will make into the cold vocalizer of what will be know as, the new land, Antarctica.

At this time, Yort, will be but a few months old, one built after the knocking down of the old international order, which was by the leadership of Atlantis, thus, the first-year male monarch of Yort was but a King for a particularly succinct extent of time, titled Hellsink (He was as cricket equipment as he was sadistic but not as sadistic as you of course, my sporting king, Marduk: he had spirit alright, and relatives of Yort grew to alarming him and his ways: he loved the hunt of the unreserved take on and humans, near clandestine view. He was at one example an Atlantean with a hint of Greek heritage in him, a crude soldier you could add, who now became a male monarch. He would income at will, and ring it his right, the brides to be in Yort, and if within was any resistance, he would murder the livelong nearest and dearest of the bride, to view the groom, again I say, study to you. (the Seer was not provoking to be impious to his King, he was simply difficult to be upfront, and demonstrate what he saw, and generate comparisons to the king, ones he knew he could construe.)

Sunrise, the king's babyish wife, also of Atlantean stock, but beside Egyptian blood who feared the king less than anyone, above all, favorite her new found empire. In truth, she proven to be a greater Queen, than the monarch. Straight she walked, and tall, for she had go from a stately private residence in the Port of Poseidonia, the park of Atlantis. And though the king would direct for little than two years, she would parameter for one hundred and twenty-seven, and die at the ripened old age of 175-years old. But of module she is not your kind, and preferred direct.

And so this is the ancient times of the beginnings of Yort, and the approaching of the Tiamat, and the winter she would withdraw from the South lands, to brainstorm her new natural object. And this is your early history that will never gratify you, thus, you must sort okay now."
Part Five
Beasts of the Abyss

Thus, and end was made of the force of Marduk in the North of Toso, and the low sphere he was grounds to nil; for out of the low abyss a mob of lotus-dragons appeared, with seven ft wing spans, and stingers at the ends of their outgrowth that once stung paralyzed, and young of the saber bone mortal. They were set free, the abyss movable barrier opened, and they came forth, they wanted to oblige Marduk, for they were of his nature, but could not, they were beyond all hope and salvation, and never say the light of day for a million years, and they looked upon this planet near thought laden of hotchpotch. The ready-made a terrible noise, adversaries they were for the northern regions of this planet, and were let out separate. They had ready-made an expletive to the Cobbler, the Gifted One, the supervisor of the planet, the wee god, the Archangel, that if he as to unscrew the abyss, they would slaughter the army of Marduk. They had no choice, they were reluctant, but same colour prevailed, and they sought the paths of visible light in the valleys and hills and cities of Toso, and created upheaval, trotted down the force same rodents and picked them up one by one and later torus them to pieces, and injured them, here were 10,000 of these beasts.

Then Marduk summed Omen the Seer, asked him why he did not see this future. And all he same was, "Prepare to external body part laziness and loathing, despair, for the enemy is out of King Nirut, it is of Rue, the winning host of heaven, even I cannot see his mind, or the be concerned of his God.

"What can I do?" asked Marduk in melancholy.

"Bidding you production up your arms, and go since you are at one time obsessed by the Beasts of the Abyss, for they have been educated to send you downhill to its depths for a merciless magnitude of time, into its glaring darkness, slaughter you day after day, damage you by ordrs of the empyrean. Make your escape patch you can, and recoil from the judgement."

Marduk's bosom was indeed sorrowful, and he said, "Will it be that I will never be forgiven and the Cobbler and Rue ne'er forget what I have through with to the peace here, and I will never be able to return?"

"Foolish devil," said the seer, "Why would you deprivation to come in rear when the beasts of the Abyss gave curse word to convey you fluff to is depths, what direful doom do you seek, if you be in breach of me, you will go into the unsanctified realm!"

Sirgylam and the Cannibal Beasts

And there came ten beasts from the chasm came at him, similar flying dragons, and they proven to grab hold of him, and in the function he threw the visionary at the one creature called, Shames, and in facade of the opposite named Humbaba, the tertiary Sirgylam, Noge, Roe, Azaz 'el, Semyas, Dog-face were all encircling both of them: all hellish beasts reshaped to the abyss' inevitably and desires, eternally. These were worsened creatures than the new beasts; they had a craving for animal tissue to eat. And the illusionist could not herald his own fate, and simply formerly he was unguiculate up by Sirgylam to his doom, similar an eagle pick up a rat from off the surface, he told Marduk, "Who can describe what awful doomsday we shall travel to, if we try to go ancient history the rim of heaven, and sneer the servants of God Almighty!" And he was devoured alive, at which time; Marduk became invisible, journeyed stern to world.

Afterwards: Perhaps some the Seer and Marduk, went beyond the circles of the planets, maybe they forgot, the Watchers were watching, indeed Marduk forgot the abyss of the never-ending darkness, if anything, it was peradventure one of his wisest material possession to dislodge on. It was a fight King Nirut did not have to fight, and when he heard roughly speaking it, consequently all his lands were up to commend the God of Heaven.

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