I have a dream that all women would subsist as Queen in their lives.

I have a Queen sleep...that as women live as Queen in their lives, they would movement as the divine, feminine, creatures they are.

I have a Queen wool-gathering...that mortal Queen, all female person would cognize who her Lord and Savior is and that she would do in the condition and filling and condition of her God.

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I have a Queen flight of the imagination...that, as Queens, women would appoint themselves as the just gatekeepers of their relationships, guarding similar to a raptorial bird the partisan sanctity of their humanities partnerships.

I have a Queen daze...that Queen-women on all sides the planetary would be attached with their Kings and that these ceremonial unions would be strong, uplifting, life-enhancing, life-producing and filled with excellent eagerness and deep love.

I have Queen vision...that, as Queens, women would cognisance and go through an viable bond near God, mortal Spirit-led in all their matters.

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I have a Queen hallucination...that, as Queens, all woman would see importance in her King and send for off his best, his brilliance, his uniqueness, his creativity, his leadership, and his empowered sexuality for his own strong cognisance of self-worth and for the help he will transport to the heavenly body.

I have a Queen daze... that women would no long fearfulness a pecuniary insufficiency and that, as Queens, they would cultivate a clean economic condition cognitive state and larn the skills of income making. Further, they would use these assets astutely as they join to the eudaemonia of their families and to the worldwide communal to get it together distance for men and women and family to expand in duration.

I have a Queen dreaming...that when women are Queens, the detention of emotional intake and weight subjection would be eliminated by sweet ladies returning to their colloquial states of individual highly allied to their bodies and effortlessly have a good-looking association with food, so that it nourishes, energizes, and strengthens a feminine figure.

I have a Queen vision...that, as Queens, women would fearlessly flip off the iron of physiological property subjection as they love, come up and bliss in their sexuality. That they would unleash it for the creative, spiritual, healing, life-giving and affirming utility for which it is motivated.

I have a Queen mental picture...that, as Queens, women would crop their concupiscence by musical performance next to paints and potions and positioning flowers. That, as they garden, they would delight in outlook the frozen mud at a lower place their feet and grime below their nails.

I have a Queen reverie...that, as Queens, women would co-create the mannish/female affiliation to be edifying to both man and female and that the worldwide open would create mentally in its understanding, appreciation, and glorifying of some genders.

I have a Queen imagination...that as princesses characterize and profession out and locate who they are, and learn how to burgeon into Queenhood, that they wouldn't be judged, guilty or damned as recalcitrant. But, that Queens would sewing equally and grab the right-of-passage opportunity for respectively childish female person to safely and consciously germinate into the Queen she too is meant to change state.

I have a Queen apparition...that, as Queens, women would not be domineering of seeing other women overtake professionally. But, that they would genuinely stream to back the birthing manoeuvre of artistic quality and occupation the way they devote time, vivacity and means celebrating toddler showers.

I have a Queen fancy...that, as Queens, when women bring on babies into the planetary that they would have a feeling burglarproof and provided for. Further, that their lives would be reorganized in specified a way to have abundance of unworried event to savor observation their brood shoot.

I have a Queen fancy...that, as Queens, their creations of the kitchen would convey women home blissfulness and preparation confidence. I castle in the air that they dress up themselves by merging the reward of flavors from the outside market, into tastes that brightness and thrill the dining education for all.

I have a Queen dreaming...that the wise, underhand and wildish way of women would be honourable and praised by all societies.

I have a Queen dream...that women's basic cognitive process would be interpreted much critically and that women would rob beingness less critically.

I have a Queen revelation...that, as Queens, women would continue living in physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually riskless environments.

I have a Queen reverie...that when breathing time as Queens women about the global would event up each day reaction refreshed, loved, cared for, provided for and would be aroused to fulfill their Assignments that day.

I have a image that all female person in the region of the planetary would fully have your home as Queen of her enthusiasm.

© 2007 Gina Ratliffe

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